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Turkey Break!


As the semester begins to come to a close I can’t help but realize Thanksgiving break is approaching. Unlike most of the students at Santa Fe, I have to make quite a trek home. I’ve come to noticed a lot of the students live not too far from Gainesville. Going home is easy for them. For me on the other hand, its not that simple. As i mentioned before, I live in Key West. This is a small island at the end of Florida. Yes, I’m talking Mile Marker 0. For me this is about a 9 hour drive home. Luckily I have amazing parents that are willing to fly me home (yes i am extremely lucky) so it will only be about an hour and a half plane ride home.

The reason I am so excited to go home is Thanksgiving is amazing at my house. One of my mom’s favorite hobbies is cooking so the food is amazing. This year I know its going to be even better considering I haven’t hr home cooking since I moved away, I am also excited to go home and see my family. But the Thanksgiving break is going to get even better Saturday.

My amazing mother bought me tickets to the Florida vs. Florida State game. As you all know this is a huge game considering the schools are rivals. These tickets were not cheap or easy to get but luckily my mom got me two for me and my boyfriend. So after stuffing our faces for two days we will get to watch the biggest game of the season. I know this game will be tons of fun. I know, sounds like a pretty awesome Thanksgiving break (exhausting, but awesome)!

Hope all of yours are just as awesome as mine! Happy Turkey Day…

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3 thoughts on “Turkey Break!

  1. We have so much in common! of corse as you know I do also live in Key West, and i have to make that same round trip! I’m excited as well to be home with my family! Who doesn’t love thanksgiving din din? On the other hand I think you are going to have a great time in tally at the game, you better stick to the Gators side. Chomp Chomp*


  2. Oooh! That sounds like a lot of fun! Im also exited about Thanksgiving because I get to enjoy with my family and friends!
    I really hope you enjoy this break! 😉


  3. I know how it is when you have a long trip home for the holidays. Most of my immediate family lives in North Carolina so it’s a long drive home! Good thing you can fly at least. I have been to Key West before and I though it was awesome. You’re lucky you are from there! Have fun at the FSU game, go Gators!


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