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What is freedom? Most kids spend their whole lives waiting for the day they get to fly the nest and become adults. But what I wish I could explain to all young adults, its not all its cracked up to be. If there was one thing I could it would be to go back in time and SLOW DOWN!! What was the big rush in growing up in the first place? What, I didn’t want mommy telling me what to do all the time? Pssh, I would take that over all the responsibilities of college any day!

The truth is, when you move out you actually end up with less freedom then you had before. You can’t party like you did in high school because you have a term paper due the next day. You can’t go shopping with your friends because there is laundry to be done. I mean really the care free life you once had is long gone! When every kid in high school thinks of college they picture a fun, carefree life filled with no moms nagging at you to pick up your room. But what all high schoolers need to understand is instead of your mom nagging at you, you begin nagging at yourself.

Instead of rushing to grow up kids need to sit back and realize that their whole life is in front of them. Having your mom take care of you isn’t actually as bad as it seems. I would give up all the freedom in the world to live in the care free world I lived in in high school. No crazy deadlines, no term papers, no exams, and no chores! I would much rather have to clean my room then a whole apartment! College is over rated, I wish I could have stayed in high school forever. Enjoy it while it last!!

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One thought on “Freedom?

  1. OMG! Yes! You are so right, I really wish I could go back to those days! What I miss the most is my mom cooking for me 😦
    Good blog btw


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