Island Girl in the Big World

Where Dreams Come True*


So far I’d have to say I’m really enjoying Gainesville. The city is super nice and the people even nicer but everyone can always use a little vacay. As my friends head off to Tally for the weekend to party their faces off I could use a more relaxing vacation. After pulling several all nighters studying for a government quiz I’d have to say this has been a pretty long week. After talking to my boyfriend (who has also had an extremely long week of practice) we’ve decided only one place makes sense… Disney.

Disney would have to be my all time favorite place on Earth. Every time I go there I just feel like all my worries drift away. I’ve gone to Disney at least once a year, if not more, my entire life. When I first started dating my boyfriend he was very skeptical of the whole Disney thing, but I knew I could make him a believer. The first time I took him I could tell he was hooked. I mean how could you not be obsessed with all the magical memories there?! From the rides to all the characters its like entering a fantasy world where dreams come true.

My boyfriend's and I frist trip to Disney.

My boyfriend and I in front of the Mickey and Minnie plants during our first Disney trip.

Since moving to Gainesville we’ve gone at least 3 times in a month. Its just such a close drive neither one of us can resist the urge to escape all the homework, practice, laundry, or responsibilities of being an adult. Disney is the perfect place for people who just need a break from the real world. I know this weekend will be another Disney trip for the books. And I hate to break it to my boyfriend but there is definitely many, MANY more in our future. What can I say? It is the happiest place on Earth.


4 thoughts on “Where Dreams Come True*

  1. I find it amazing how you and your boyfriend get to go to Disney so often now and relax! I remember going to Disney with my boyfriend for the first time, it was truly magical. No matter what age Disney is the perfect escape. I LOVE Disney and hope I get to go soon, maybe for Mickey’s not so scary Halloween party.


  2. Omg I totally feel you, I love going to disney it’s an escape from reality that is why sometimes I love Gainesville because we are so close from the theme parks! Hope you get to go more often in this new journey as an adult !


  3. I have to agree with you, Disney may be one of my all time favorite places as well. I have so many fond memories there. I don’t get to go as often as it sounds like you do but every time I have had the opportunity it was awesome. It really does have that magical effect that kind of takes all your worries away.


  4. I can completely relate with you in needing the escape from the stress of real life. Me and my girlfriend could definitely use a vacation to Disney, we’re in the process of planning a Universal Studios trip, but we have definitely got Disney World in our sights as well! Looking forward to reading more in your coming blogs. Great layout btw, it’s very well organized.


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