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Where Dreams Come True*

So far I’d have to say I’m really enjoying Gainesville. The city is super nice and the people even nicer but everyone can always use a little vacay. As my friends head off to Tally for the weekend to party their faces off I could use a more relaxing vacation. After pulling several all nighters studying for a government quiz I’d have to say this has been a pretty long week. After talking to my boyfriend (who has also had an extremely long week of practice) we’ve decided only one place makes sense… Disney.

Disney would have to be my all time favorite place on Earth. Every time I go there I just feel like all my worries drift away. I’ve gone to Disney at least once a year, if not more, my entire life. When I first started dating my boyfriend he was very skeptical of the whole Disney thing, but I knew I could make him a believer. The first time I took him I could tell he was hooked. I mean how could you not be obsessed with all the magical memories there?! From the rides to all the characters its like entering a fantasy world where dreams come true.

My boyfriend's and I frist trip to Disney.

My boyfriend and I in front of the Mickey and Minnie plants during our first Disney trip.

Since moving to Gainesville we’ve gone at least 3 times in a month. Its just such a close drive neither one of us can resist the urge to escape all the homework, practice, laundry, or responsibilities of being an adult. Disney is the perfect place for people who just need a break from the real world. I know this weekend will be another Disney trip for the books. And I hate to break it to my boyfriend but there is definitely many, MANY more in our future. What can I say? It is the happiest place on Earth.


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Ladies Night and the Feeling is Not Right!

As a freshman you’re most excited for one thing, and that’s probably going out. But what no one prepares you for is the deadly ladies night. If you’ve never heard of ladies night its when a bar lets all girls drink for free. Being a broke college student free drinks are very, VERY important. But the free drinks need to come with a warning! For example “if you drink more than 3 you will not be responsible for what happens next.” Unfortunately my friends and I did not get this memo.

As I walked around Shuck I noticed ladies night winning and all ladies losing. There were girls dancing (highly intoxicated) girls puking in the bathroom and some girls talking to guys that were way below their standards. After taken this all in I realized I wouldn’t trade that moment for anything in the world. This is the kind of experience I came to college for, these were the memories I had been so desperate to make. This is when I let loose and had the time of my life with my best friends and boyfriend by my side.

For the rest of the night we just laughed, danced, and had so much fun. The music was great and the atmosphere was even better. By the end of the night I didn’t even want to leave. This one night made me realize why I left the safety net of my little island. I wanted to make memories the island couldn’t give me. I wanted to experience what kind of life and adventure there was outside of the two mile by four-mile island I had made my home for eighteen years. Although to most ladies night may just be another typical night of bar hopping, to me it was a memory I wouldn’t give up for a million bucks.

Ladies Night at Shuck with my boyfriend.

Ladies Night at Shuck with my boyfriend.

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Me in a Coco-Nutshell

Why write a blog? This is something I’ve always wondered. Why am I writing a blog is the real question. I’ve never really believed in the blog thing, I mean who has the time to blog. Better yet, who has the time to read them. To be completely honest I am only writing this for a grade, nothing more nothing less. But while I’m here, you should know a little something about me.

Let’s start with the title of my blog; Island Girl in the Big World. I know when you hear big city you’re probably thinking New York or California, but my big city happens to be little old Gainesville. I know, you’re probably like wait what? But when you come from a city that’s only 2 miles by 4 miles, aka Key West, Gainesville is huge.

Key West is the Southernmost point of America. It is considered "Mile 0".

Key West is the Southernmost point of America. It is considered “Mile 0”. This is the most historical landmark in Key West. Tourists love it.

I was born and raised in Key West. My dad came over from Cuba and my mom’s family migrated from Italy. I love my island. The whole place just feels so safe and homey. I was blessed to grow up in paradise and I’ll always remember where I came from. Why rainy Gainesville you might ask. Well it definitely wasn’t my first choice. But after weighing all my options (Orlando being top of my list) Gainesville just made the most sense. Not only were all my friends calling the Ville home but my boyfriend was as well. Although I don’t plan to spend too much time here (its not the most fun) I will make the most of this experience.

While blogging during my first college semester I plan to share all my adventures. I also plan to share the cultural shock I’ll endure from Key West island life to Gainesville country life. I might even take a liking to this whole blog thing. Follow me on my new journey through the wonder years.