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The Most Wonderful Time of The Year

Christmas is always an exciting time not only do we get together with family and friends but we get to be out of school for a month. Im really looking forward to going home for a lot of reasons. One being I get to sleep in my own comfy bed. Another bonus about spending a month in Key West is the weather. Im going to spend a lot of time at the beach and in the boat. Right now in Key West the weather is perfect. Nothing beats spending time with friends and catching some sun. I really am going to be able to enjoy this break more than thanksgiving break because i know i have no school work. During thanksgiving break I spent a lot of time completing school work and I couldn’t really relax or enjoy my time off. I plan on taking full advantage of the time I have off of school and baseball. I also, I have been saving up to by my mom a really nice gift. Im really excited to give my mom a special gift because she always does so much for me and I want her to know how much I appreciate her.

Christmas is truly the most wonderful time of the year, and not because of the presents but because of the time you get to spend with your family. Im also very excited for New Years Eve. In Key West New Years is a very big holiday. If you have never been to key west for New Years Eve I highly recommend it. We have are very own ball drop besides its not a ball its a giant heel and inside of it is a women named Sushi. She’s very famous in Key West, you can also find her on the news. Its a very special tradition in key west. No matter how you choose to spend your holidays I wish you nothing but love in laughter with loved ones.

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As my first semester of college comes to a close I can’t help but be excited yet stressed at the same time. This semester has definitely had its up and downs. From living on my own for the first time to exams and work everyday I would have to say I have learned a lot about myself. College is not as bad as I thought. Yeah, I’ve had a few mini panic attacks but hey what college student trying to beat the 11:59 deadline doesn’t? I have been extremely lucky with my teachers and classes. My teachers are understanding, and the work isn’t bad at all. But as finals week begins to approach I can’t help but to be a little nervous…

I have to say, I am probably one of the more blessed students when it comes to finals. For my college success class my final is an easy project that is due the week before finals so that knocks off one final for me. Then my government class (which i absolutely love) is just another exam like the two we’ve already done and I’ve completely aced them thanks to studying. So I know as long as I keep up my studying efforts I’ll ace that. But then there’s my English final….

This class has by far been my hardest class. I have also had the most work due in here which caused most of my firs college panic attacks. The final isn’t too hard it will just be a lot of work. I know as long as I sit down and take a few days to knock it out I’ll feel better. But knowing my past and my horrible procrastination problem I know it will just be another headache.

I know I don’t have it as bad as I could when it comes to finals but it still does give me a little stress. I am glad to say I have successfully survived my first semester of college, AMEN!!!!!

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Turkey Break!

As the semester begins to come to a close I can’t help but realize Thanksgiving break is approaching. Unlike most of the students at Santa Fe, I have to make quite a trek home. I’ve come to noticed a lot of the students live not too far from Gainesville. Going home is easy for them. For me on the other hand, its not that simple. As i mentioned before, I live in Key West. This is a small island at the end of Florida. Yes, I’m talking Mile Marker 0. For me this is about a 9 hour drive home. Luckily I have amazing parents that are willing to fly me home (yes i am extremely lucky) so it will only be about an hour and a half plane ride home.

The reason I am so excited to go home is Thanksgiving is amazing at my house. One of my mom’s favorite hobbies is cooking so the food is amazing. This year I know its going to be even better considering I haven’t hr home cooking since I moved away, I am also excited to go home and see my family. But the Thanksgiving break is going to get even better Saturday.

My amazing mother bought me tickets to the Florida vs. Florida State game. As you all know this is a huge game considering the schools are rivals. These tickets were not cheap or easy to get but luckily my mom got me two for me and my boyfriend. So after stuffing our faces for two days we will get to watch the biggest game of the season. I know this game will be tons of fun. I know, sounds like a pretty awesome Thanksgiving break (exhausting, but awesome)!

Hope all of yours are just as awesome as mine! Happy Turkey Day…

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Very Merry Christmas Party

If you’ve been keeping up with my blog, I’m sure you’re extremely sick and tired of hearing me talk about Disney (I know should probably change the name of my blot to Disney Fanatic). But I promise, after this week I’ll give you guys a break!

Anyway, as you all know Tuesday is Veteran’s Day and everyone gets the day off. Well I thought to myself what better way to spend my day off then in the happiest place on Earth with the person that makes me happiest? So as Tuesday approaches I find myself planning yet another Disney trip. This isn’t even the best part. Monday night happens to be Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas party!!!!

Cinderella's Castle in Magic Kingdom park lit up as a Winter Wonderland for Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party.

Cinderella’s Castle in Magic Kingdom park lit up as a Winter Wonderland for Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party.

Now, for those of you that don’t know what the heck I’m talking about its a Christmas celebration in Disney World. They transform the Magic Kingdom into a winter wonderland. They even hand out cookies and hot cocoa at every turn (I know, it sounds awesome!) The whole park is decorated to a tee. The best part is, they only let a small number of people in so the lines are crazy short!!! This is my favorite time to go to Disney because it has my two favorite things, Disney and Christmas.

I know for some this may not seem like the best thing in the world, but for a Disney Freak like me, its pretty awesome. And yes, I am dragging my amazing boyfriend along who supports my Disney addiction fully (he’s a trooper). He’s actually pretty excited too considering it will be his first time there for this special event. Luckily he got the day off of baseball practice Tuesday. So Monday we will leave after class and head down to Orlando. I can not wait for the mini vacay, I know it will be magical as always.

Now cross your fingers I get the impossible fast passes for the new seven dwarfs ride!!

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What is freedom? Most kids spend their whole lives waiting for the day they get to fly the nest and become adults. But what I wish I could explain to all young adults, its not all its cracked up to be. If there was one thing I could it would be to go back in time and SLOW DOWN!! What was the big rush in growing up in the first place? What, I didn’t want mommy telling me what to do all the time? Pssh, I would take that over all the responsibilities of college any day!

The truth is, when you move out you actually end up with less freedom then you had before. You can’t party like you did in high school because you have a term paper due the next day. You can’t go shopping with your friends because there is laundry to be done. I mean really the care free life you once had is long gone! When every kid in high school thinks of college they picture a fun, carefree life filled with no moms nagging at you to pick up your room. But what all high schoolers need to understand is instead of your mom nagging at you, you begin nagging at yourself.

Instead of rushing to grow up kids need to sit back and realize that their whole life is in front of them. Having your mom take care of you isn’t actually as bad as it seems. I would give up all the freedom in the world to live in the care free world I lived in in high school. No crazy deadlines, no term papers, no exams, and no chores! I would much rather have to clean my room then a whole apartment! College is over rated, I wish I could have stayed in high school forever. Enjoy it while it last!!

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The Stress Test

After surviving my first few months in college living on my own I thought I had it all together, then reality set in. Not only was I beyond overwhelm with school work but it felt like every time I came home I had piles and piles of either laundry or dirty dishes. Who knew freedom would come with so much responsibility? It has been tough adapting but I think I got the hang of it. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve given up on life 4 times in the past two weeks (but I usually sleep it off) then get right back on my feet again.

Speaking of schoolwork I’ve been less then pleased with some of my grades. I’ve always been one to give school my all, I take each thing I do very serious and in some classes I’m not getting the results I want. Having always been phenomenal in English doing so poorly compared to my peers has really upset me. I know I must work harder but sometimes I just want to shut down. But on a positive not I’ve been doing exceptionally well in a class I didn’t think id succeed in. Government was a big challenge for me to take on but I decided to do it based on my interest in going to law school someday. I went and told myself that I was going to give it 100%. I study for hours for all the tests and take plenty of notes in class and surprisingly I am top in my class right now. Having got the highest grade on both tests we have taken I couldn’t be more pleased.

Although I may not be succeeding as I’d like in one class, I’m doing exceptionally well in another. It has all taught me that I shouldn’t give up. Even when I’m down about something, there is always a brighter side. While some days I feel overwhelmed with the huge responsibility of living alone, its all worth it to come home to an empty house filled with peace and quiet.

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Where Dreams Come True*

So far I’d have to say I’m really enjoying Gainesville. The city is super nice and the people even nicer but everyone can always use a little vacay. As my friends head off to Tally for the weekend to party their faces off I could use a more relaxing vacation. After pulling several all nighters studying for a government quiz I’d have to say this has been a pretty long week. After talking to my boyfriend (who has also had an extremely long week of practice) we’ve decided only one place makes sense… Disney.

Disney would have to be my all time favorite place on Earth. Every time I go there I just feel like all my worries drift away. I’ve gone to Disney at least once a year, if not more, my entire life. When I first started dating my boyfriend he was very skeptical of the whole Disney thing, but I knew I could make him a believer. The first time I took him I could tell he was hooked. I mean how could you not be obsessed with all the magical memories there?! From the rides to all the characters its like entering a fantasy world where dreams come true.

My boyfriend's and I frist trip to Disney.

My boyfriend and I in front of the Mickey and Minnie plants during our first Disney trip.

Since moving to Gainesville we’ve gone at least 3 times in a month. Its just such a close drive neither one of us can resist the urge to escape all the homework, practice, laundry, or responsibilities of being an adult. Disney is the perfect place for people who just need a break from the real world. I know this weekend will be another Disney trip for the books. And I hate to break it to my boyfriend but there is definitely many, MANY more in our future. What can I say? It is the happiest place on Earth.